Been busy here. Since I've moved we've had Memorial, English special assembly day, CO's visit, and I'm keeping up in service. It's hot and humid, and only getting worse.
The CO suggested that during the week of his visit we focus on starting studies on the initial call: the basic question, scripture, paragraph type thing. There are about 55 publishers in our hall, about 25 of whom are pioneers, and we had about 6 auxiliaries this month. In 5 days of the CO's visit, we tallied having started 43 studies. Granted, not all will continue, but it's still overwhelming the response we have in this territory.
I have one or two studies almost every day of the week now, and it's a lot to keep up with. Some aren't terribly regular, but others have started coming to the meetings and have their own publications. The ministry here is wonderful.
I told some friends the other day the three things I enjoy most about Taiwan are preaching, eating and sleeping, which is what most of my days consist of anyway... so it's a pretty good gig I suppose.
They sprayed for roaches or something a few nights ago and I had to fight them off on my way to dinner. One scurried into the house as soon as I opened the door to leave but there's a second door to get into the house, so I apprehended him before he got away. Aside from that, I haven't had any unwelcome visitors aside from the occasional fly (and this crazy really fast jumping spider I can never seem to catch. I've probably eaten him by now), so I'm pleased with that.
My first visa trip is coming up shortly. Everyone everywhere else makes brief daytrips over land borders, but that doesn't so much work on an island, so we all have to fly. I'm going to Bangkok, and very excited about it. The flight was only marginally more expensive than going back to HK for a day, and I've been to HK, so I'll be spending three days in BKK. Won't have much time to explore outside of the city itself, but I'm confident I'll be going back. My next trip will have to be sometime in July, and despite the monetary hit, it is rather nice to be obligated to make an international trip every two months (although July will probably be the last one, as I hope to have all my visa issues sorted out shortly thereafter). Suggestions?
I'm supposed to go back out in service in about an hour with a brother, but it's SO humid today. The temperature is lower than it has been (it's only about 86 or so today) but it's stiflingly humid.
It's also cool to run into other foreigners here and have to use Chinese as the common language. I was eating lunch at this little... place... today and there were a couple of old Chinese men walking around barefoot and we were chatting about whatever, and he said I was the first American ever to come there (it wasn't that scary). A Turkish guy (who spoke awesome Chinese) had just left and this female student walks by and the owner asks me "Hey, where do you think she's from?" pretty loudly, so she turned around and in perfect Chinese says "你沒有辦法猜對" (or something): you'll never guess. So he tried German, Italian and French. She was from Israel.
Go figure.