A very good song

Youtube can quickly become the bane of anyone's existence, but I found this, and it's worth watching, because it's a really good song. I know H'n'B won't like this, but it's too bad. I actually favor another performance she did of this better, but it's still an awesome song, and it's dedicated to someone in both versions.



I made a smoothie today for breakfast, and although the components may not sound appealing all together, they worked out really well. Started with a banana (I hate bananas), a handful of frozen blueberries, some strawberries, a cup of strawberry/banana yogurt, a little honey, and orange juice to mix. I added a few ice cubes, but those contribute neither any flavor nor nutritional value. It was delicious. Only problem is, I’m freezing my tookus off (how does one spell tookus? Tuckus doesn’t cut it, but tookus is too Dutch).
I have almost finished packing, but will completely un- and re-pack before Sunday. I have decided to remove a few things and add some others, etc. and this will aid me in being more aware of how everything fits anyway. So, as a shoutout to H’n’B, whom I called in a sedated nervous breakdown:
1. Everything now fits in the security pouch when I take out the $50.
2. Weight limit was bogus. LF assured me its closer to 40 lbs.
3. I’ll be buying a suitcase of some sort in Hong Kong and will be checking luggage on the way home. Good thing I won’t be getting a suit made until the last city on our trip so I’m not schlepping that along.
Pleased with how everything fits. Extra pair of shoes was going to be a worry, but I managed them. All seems to be going well, and I think I’m finally coming to the realization that I’m going to Asia. Last minute to-dos:
1. razor blades (for shaving)
2. deodorant (trying to hunt down something in particular)
3. a few more spandex/non-cotton items
4. (Not an errand) camera battery charger should be arriving today.
5. One last load of laundry
6. deciding on what actual book(s) I’m going to read
I’ve got a short-list, but realized that although the list is based on that top-100 thing I love to read by, most of them are early 20th century soap opera womanhood love stories… We’ll see… I’ve gotta come up with something….


Beautiful Day

I had some time between errands on Saturday that I put to good use; I had to pick my brother up at the local library, and there were almost two hours of down time until that happened. What did I do? Well, of course, I parked my car behind a chiropractor’s office and my camera and I strolled around another old town here in the area (more industrial than mine). (My town is unique in that it is one of the only old town/village things anywhere near here that has been in existence for almost 100 years, (therefore still existing) and has never had a railroad.) Anyway, check out my Canton Street photoset. I got some I’m pretty happy with, and there are some that I rushed through that I could have done a better job with. I don’t understand how H’n”B (and others, I’m sure) make it taking pictures of stuff, because I’m not tall tall, but even I feel like I should carry a step ladder with me to get good shots on occasion. Anyway, the weather was beautiful and I was able to get some photos that I’m very pleased with. As the sun started to go down, I got some silhouette photos I really liked, and it was a great day. It’s amazing how atmosphere can be created. I usually don’t think of this street as being highly sensory, or stimulating, but I got there and there were people coming and going (not enough to make too much noise that would ruin the ambience), there were incredible smells from these quaint French and Italian restaurants, and one of them was playing Norah Jones in the background. It was bright and sunny, and the scenery was beautiful; everything was awesome. I planned my walk so I would double back very little, and it was very enjoyable. So what this amounts to is little more than shameless plugging… Not really, it was just so incredible.


The Best of...


In my efforts to get a messenger bag that 'works,' I spent some time at Old Navy and Target, more to look at stuff I WON'T want to buy so I'll have an idea of what I DO want to buy. Well, the first stop was Old Navy, and I bought a bag there. I liked it, but was a little skeptical. I felt like I was wasting time, so I decided to get it. The size is great, and the material is rugged, but I didn't know if it had enough pockets, etc. I broke down and went to the cashier expecting to fork over the $25 it was going to cost. Turns out, my total was just barely over $6. Six!!! That thriled me. It wasn't until this morning that I realized the little journal I bought for the trip fits swimmingly into the little interior pouch. It wasn't until this morning as well that I noticed some extra pockets and pouches that fit my mp3 player, pens, etc. and that thirlled me.
That having been said, I was happy with my purchase, but strolled into Target to finish up some other odds'n'ends. I saw a lady shelving women's shoes, and her nametag read 'Lana.' I asked her a question I already knew the answer to, and she responded with rolled r's and non-English vowel qualities. I asked her where 'Lana' came from, and she said 'It's Russian.' Need I relate my ecstasy? We talked for probably fifteen minutes, and (maybe it was just the coffee, but) I was as comfortable and conversational as I've ever been. We discussed our families and backgrounds, and she wanted to know where I grew up in Russia. She laughed when I told her I was American, and then apologized profusely when she realized I was serious. She speaks German as well, but not very much, so we continued in Russian, but I was on top of my game and kept my cool. I have her contact information and will be ~following up~. I didn't discuss the reasons for our foreign language interest, but she lives in our territory, so we'll see. It was amazing.
Things are almost completely finished coming together for Asia. Holy crap: it's just over a week away.