on with it already!

Today I feel mentally and emotionally prepared, stable and ready to move. However, I have 26 more days left and there is no "biting the bullet," as it were. I have yet almost four more weeks. I also as of yet do NOT have any luggage. I am going to leave service early today to check out any kinda luggage they have at Costco and maybe Marshall's. I need to try a few trial packs to see what I can feasibly take with me. I think I'm allowed two bags at something like 70 lbs each! Huzzah. That's in addition to a carry on item, etc. so my computer will definitely be with me. 'Tis a long flight. Hopefully I can check my luggage through to HK since I'm only on a codeshare with Singapore airlines on the way to San Francisco... I'm not sure how that'll work, but it'd be great not to have to schlep my life through there at midnight...


on 5.10.06 i posted a list of my language bottom ten: the ten languages I have no interest in learning, for whatever reason. In the post, i talked about the languages I was currently interested in and that I was (proudly) able to hold tiny (very negligibly) meaningful conversations in a smattering of different languages (might I add now that I cannot recall most of what it was i was using then). The list is as follows:
  1. Laotian
  2. Yiddish
  3. Cambodian
  4. Thai
  5. Esperanto
  6. Turkish
  7. Anything Creole/Pidgin
  8. Welsh
  9. Basque
  10. Myanmar (Burmese)
Of those, five are languages I now feel are awesomely cool, and would really like to be able to speak more of at least that many (I have since started learning some Thai, and studied Turkish for a little while and can remember none of it at present). Yiddish, Esperanto and Creoles/Pidgins (aside from cool linguistic studies-ness) do not interest me still.
It's just funny to look back and see how our opinions of things change. At the time, I had no interest in learning Chinese (or any Asian language) and now I'm moving there....
Funny ol' world, isn't it?

I steal...

(but not really cuz I've done this before)

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So I leave in four weeks... four weeks from today. About 680 hours from right now. That scares me. Many of the things I feared and stressed about (I feel) have been taken care of, at least to the extent that I can take care of them here. Chinese New Year has inhibited my most recent job inquiries from getting responses, but I leave in four weeks (did i say that already?) and feel pretty settled about all those things, really.
What it's mostly come down to is the last few things I'm going to do for the four weeks I'm here. I tend to overcomplicate, analyze, overthink and overplan, BUT I feel that with only 28 days left in America, I need to make wise use of my weekends and free evenings and enjoy every single little thing that's left to enjoy here before I go. I was very glad to go see my family in Charleston over New Year's, as it turned out that most of the cousins on that side of the family showed up and we had a few days together. I can mark that off the list (that I've decided not to make in efforts not to be dramatic and draw finality to my departure).
All that being said, I am very excited to go, but the most difficult part of leaving (as much as I am so excited and thrilled to go and want to move abroad) will be... well, leaving. I do not (as of yet) know anyone in HK (like I do here). I've met people and spoken with them on occasion, but my friends and family and the past 22 years of my life are here. I am looking forward to establishing myself there and know there will be friends and family there that I simply haven't met yet. That's great.
But it plays more like one of those situations where you really want to get to sleep and try to get to sleep so hard that you can't sleep... I'm going to enjoy my last four weeks in America.


Writing about Thinking about Leaving

I'm leaving soon. 30 days from today.

I'll keep this blog, I suppose, as I'd rather not create a new one (mostly it was that I couldn't come up with a creative name, and this is the same as my email, blah blah). I'm not much for the mass emails and sending things to mailing lists, so this is where my travels and such will be documented. That's all for now. I have a 守望台 to prepare.
Pictures will be on my Flickr unless they're so mind-blowing they deserve a double post here. I'll have to be vigilant about getting the two to work in conjunction with one another.