You thought I'd given up

I kinda did… I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted. I couldn’t decide whether to catch it before the two weeks was up or intentionally wait to post… Not that I have anything to say anyway.

I spent most of the evening last night working on playing through one of my favorite covers by Mrs. Amos. (this is a live version that’s pretty good, but not as intricate as the studio version, which you can find on the “Higher Learning” soundtrack, and it’s excellent.) I haven’t been able to find any sheet music or chord progressions or anything (I have for the original) and I was left to my piano last night for a solid two hours to figure it out. I began to develop an ear for timbre and tone, because I could adjust for my piano not being at perfect pitch, (my guitar WAS), but even so, the resonance and clarity of the Imperial is obviously different from my Wurly, and you can tell. I need to go over to the piano store and play on the Seiler or Bechstein to get it right.

I had a cool dream last night that involves someone we know in the blogging community, as well as pianos and an old house. It was cool. Basically (to be very brief) it was an old frumpy grandmotherly place, a split-level with plaid couches and gross old lampshades, old china cabinet, dust ruffles, all that stuff that a typical grandmother’s house has. However, this one was actually a restaurant/bar of sorts. There weren’t any restaurant things, and any seating areas were only those found in a normal frumpy house. I don’t recall what any of the staff looked like, but you just sat around at an old house and were served food and drink. This person we know (of) (who doesn’t have a blog) is the person I was sitting next to on a frumpy couch and said we should go downstairs into the basement…? Okay… So we went down and what else is down there but a recital hall! But again, not set up like a recital hall. There are frumpy couches and easychairs and stuff that still make an aisle down to the performance area, which wasn’t a stage, just a clearing at the front of the room very near where the stairs let off. This lady, whoever she was, was playing a MONSTROUS piano. It was like a regular cabinet grand piano, where the cabinet is upright, so the dimensions are something like five feet tall by two and half feet deep. Cabinet (or upright grands, also, I think) are usually very intricately designed and carved, etc. This one was like six feet tall and twelve feet deep, so it was like a piano keyboard attached to a closet. It was strange looking, but the engraving had gold embossing and carving all over it. The room it was stationed against, as I was told, had a real (normal) piano, the same Bechstein I played, but I was told I couldn’t go back there, and I was given the impression that the room was a furnace… I dunno. Had another weird one, but not important.

Nothing else of interest going on, and I just saw a preview for a really good movie that I’m going to have to see. It’s Will Ferrel’s newest one, and I think it’s called Stranger Than Fiction…           


By the way, I’m “38% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.”


t said...

"Someone we know (of) in the blogging community...who doesn't have a blog....."


Affable Olive said...

38%!? That even beat my first score. I probably just need to spend hours on end with a speech coach. I can't believe I've gotten so bad.
Interesting dreams... it kinda shows you what has really encompassed your life for the past few days... or so. I've been dreaming about service lately, so I guess that gives you a hint.

p june said...

Have you given up on Lincoln Memorial, too? ;-)