More Acousticism

Went to a show this weekend with some cousins and friends, and it was very good. I saw Edwin McCain. He’s not my favorite, and I couldn’t name any more than about three songs of his that I knew before I went. The venue was very cool, and the group was great. Sam Thacker opened, and he’s also from around these parts. He was very very good. He had no more than a guitar on stage with him (aside from some of Mr. McCain’s stuff) and was very enjoyable. He interacted with the audience, and even did a Fiona Apple cover that was outstanding. I spoke to him afterwards and he asked me how he thought the cover went over. I told him it went swimmingly. He was pleased to hear it, and he said he’d never tried that before.

Edwin McCain was very good too, and isn’t quite my kind of music, but it’s all mostly acoustic and folk/storytelling-ish, so it was good. He would tell lots of stories about where he got the lyrics for this song or that one, and what events he was writing about. I always enjoy listening to that kind of stuff, especially in that kind of an intimate setting. He had some hilarious stories about some very famous “musicians,” that he shared, and he as an excellent sense of humor. It was a long show. Thacker played for over an hour, and McCain was onstage for over two.

What this all comes down to is plugging Sam Thacker’s new (only) CD, Above the Underneath. Goofy title, yes, but Good Music, also yes. It’s not on Amazon, and I don’t know where you’ll get it. I got mine (signed) at the show. Buy it.

(Also I haven’t posted in a while and this seemed an appropriate topic.)

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