O The Things You Can Think

My Goodness:

  1. Italian is coming along slowly [read: it's not]
  2. I've been assigned my Romanian again.
  3. Hungarian is also inactive
  4. Someone told me they wanted to learn Persian with me, but I'm not holding my breath
  5. Showed off at Turkish again this weekend
  6. Russian is arguably taking a backburner
  7. German is as lively as ever
  8. Still don't' like Cambodian or Esperanto…
  9. Starting the cramming with Chinese and Japanese


Language stuff has been busy lately, and it's just too bad I can't devote my time and energy into ONE (or a few) things. Hungarian is NOT a serious endeavor (yet), and my Asian languages are only temporary (unless I fall in love with them there). Sunday before the Superbowl, I drank a golly good coffee and read a Persian newspaper at Starbucks. It was enjoyable. I was also across the street from a Steinway showroom, and the only thing keeping me from heading over there was the Superbowl (and my not so vibrant interest in Steinway).

Does anybody else think she looks like the pianess herself?

Speaking of which, there are like nine or ten some odd people that I've talked to that now want tickets to see her when she comes to town. I'm hoping she plays at some sweet venue and not at Bob's Big Carnival Saloon. Symphony Hall would be nice again. We'll see.

I don't have that much to say right now. I was going to do that concert analysis that Affie did, but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. However, I close with a combination of a few things discussed above, for those of you that watched the Superbowl and followed a few of the links above… or want to see her live. Enjoy. (I'm actually surprised at how good this is.)

(also check out my new email signature that I decided to leave on this email, just for those of you that don't get it all the time anyway)


With best regards

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The Polyglot said...

oops. The signature isn't all spread out like that in the emails; you know how blogger treats returns. I don't feel like fixing it either...

p june said...

I do agree that Cate looks like Tori. Very similar features - especially around the mouth and eyes.

p june said...

oh.. and great musical interlude there. I really enjoyed it.

Affable Olive said...

Tori...I'm so excited...

Affable Olive said...
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Affable Olive said...

OK, this is a real comment. Hn.B probably doesn't feel like blogging. I put two out in one day. I'm so excited that I can blog whenever now. But that also means I'll check for updates with you guys more. It's been a week ya know...