Unstuck in Time

What's new, you ask? Well, just who do you think you are?

The New Album comes out tomorrow, and my copy is being two-day'ed to my house, so it should get here either Wednesday or Thursday, because it's apparently already shipped. So that's exciting. Been very busy, very busy.
I was also doing some research on vowel harmony and consonant mutation. That's exciting.
I had a smoothie for breakfast yesterday.
I need to make some more rice.
Played Nintendo Wii (waay awesome) for hours yesterday.
I hope to get a cool new pen this weekend.
(just hitting the high points.... more later, maybehaps.)


Affable Olive said...

RICE and PENS in the same post?!?!? Omigod! And an ADP shout out. Perfect. Lemme see what I can churn out.

Horse N. Buggy said...

Where did you play the Wii? I wanna play.