«Футболисты тоже люди»

Footballers are People, too! Or so says Oleg Luzhny (I don't know who he is, or if that's how you spell his name in English). Anywho, I've been trying to brush up on Russian lately, and I came across this today. Yeah, it's in Russian, but it's basically Oleg bellyaching about people having expectations of him, and how his team's having a really bad losing streak is just 'bad coincidence,' неприятная случайность. 'Footballers are people too! We all make mistakes, blah blah.' I don't know what those guys are making, but it seems most people with cleats that play for a league that's televised in Europe are considered veritable gods. I don't think he needs to grovel too much. So, just win your games, Oleg. это не слишком трудно...

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