I need a new name

My blog needs a new name... I don't know.

I also made pizza (three pizzas) last night for seven people. It was a last minute thing at my house and I got to cooking around 6. I roasted some garlic until it was all soft and buttery and spread it on ciabbata bread. Then I made a typical margherita pizza (ricotta, basil and tomatoes), a pepperoni (for the carnivores) and a third with roasted onions and peppers, feta and spinach. I had roasted the veggies ahead of time and was worried it would all be a little soggy on the dough, but it came out really well. I took some cool pictures of the pre-pizza work, but completely forgot to snap the finished products... A friend brought a Hefeweizen and some Guinness, and we watched Psycho.
Dinner/Movie nights are awesome.


Dezare said...

Guinness good. Pizza awesome. Psycho Hitchcock. Friends, food and fizzing dizzying drinks always make for a good time.
As far as a new name for the blog...wait. Maybe the first rush of emotion as your foot hits HK soil (tarmac, asphalt, cement,gravel,dirt) will bring forth an idea.

-the kids said...

I agree with the above. The best inspiration is always the unexpected.