Affable Olive said...

That's interesting. They call it an instrument, but I'm not sure if I would call it that. Neat thing to have at an arcade though. Very expensive play toy in my opin. Y'all need one in your basement.
I need to update.

Eric J Terry said...

Hm, this is totally different than what I was thinking when you described it. I've seen very similar technology in use for map programs though, with a cube type thing on a glowy touch-interactive interface. There were also some cool drawing programs I'd seen for this. Music, though, is something I hadn't thought of.

IMO, this is part of a new era of intuitive gadgetry. I think people want to interact more tactually with technology as opposed to pushing buttons on a keyboard, controller, or mouse. I think it's the reason why the Wii and iPhone are so popular.