What Have I Been Working on?

So yes, this is what I did last night. Did it take an hour? No! 当然不!!! It took two and a half. But I've got it down on paper in Chinese and pinyin, but I think I can pretty much recall the whole thing without having to cheat, except for when I choke. Very exciting. It's coming along well, and I'm really enjoying it, although I was in a conversation the other day with a friend, and all the words he couldn't remember in Chinese came to me in Russian. I need to transfer mentally. When you start playing around like this with different languages (some semi-seriously), you begin to see the glaring advantages of studying multiple languages, and how that different outlook helps you tremendously to understand concepts that may seem foreign at first. Love this book. Anyone that has even a mild interest in linguistics or international communication should cough up the $14 and go get this. Especially if you want to acqure an unbridled lust for languages and a very efficient way to pick them up during commercial breaks. Tres intelligent.


Affable Olive said...

I'd love to just be able to remember my French from one lesson to the next. Yes, I study as I go, but I just don't think my brain is formatted to learn another language. I try. It doesn't work out. My pronunciation stinks no matter what language I try. It's an endless battle that I always loose when I try to pick up my French. It's depressing because I really want to learn it and remember it. Even andy sounds better than me when he speaks French, (of course, his mom is French Canadian and spoke only French til she was 9). Sorry, this was all griping. Your Chinese is looking very impressive.

Jules said...

Hey, is that the 'ancient Chinese secret' I've heard so much about?