Missed a day!!!

Oops. The Hebrew Experiment got started and I neglected my Thai. So...... I'm loving Thai more and more now, cuz Hebrew is stinkin' HARD...
1. โต๊ะ - Table. This is marked as a loan word from Chinese, actually, and I can see how it might be so. The Chinese is 桌子, and Thai doesn't so much have that initial sound, so I can see how it'd become ต instead of kind of a hard 'zh', something like the J in John, but harder.
2. นักเรียน - student. This is cool: นัก is a particle that makes a thing a noun, that noun being "the person who does...." whatever, similar to the suffix -er, like with teach-er. รียน means to study or learn. Therefore, นักเรียน is a person who studies, a student. These little bits of knowledge are helpful, since that prefix can be used with other verbs, and that verb is useful on its own.
(tomorrow's post to come shortly)

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