Ukraine wins against Switzerland!!!
(I know I haven't posted in a while because I just got back into town, but more on that later.)
I did just get back into town and have been keeping up on H'n'B's play-by-play, and had Ukraine vs. Switzerland on television all this afternoon. Not a very exciting game, as the entire 90 mins was spent not scoring, but the shootout at the end is the most exciting thing in the world, so as I understand it, Ukraine advances to the quarterfinals. I'm not up on football right now, but I'm working on it.
In keeping with H'n'B's criteria for deciding on favored teams, Ukraine is much more closely related to Russian, geographically and linguistically, but I've been to Switzerland, and it's beautiful. The SwissAir pilot performed a beautiful landing in Zürich during one of the worst storms I've been in, and everyone clapped. Anyway, I decided upon Ukraine, but that's short lived since they're playing Italy in the quarterfinals, and very few countries rank as highly in food, language, history, beauty of population, and general culture as Italy, so I'll be hoping they pull it off against my Slavic friends.
More on my trip later.

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