H'n'B Don't Read This Post!!!

Viva la France??? More like Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela. (That's supposedly the phrase that creates the acrronym "Mafia," and it translates out of Italian to "Death to French Cries Italy.") It could be Italy and France in the finals (check out the tree or whatever it's called for football), although my guess is Brazil's going all the way. I'd like to see Italy, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil in the Semifinals. I think Brazil's got it taken care of on their end, and shouldn't have any problem serving the French head on a platter. That's what I think... but considering France also beat the living mess out of Spain, which was disappointing... hmmm.
People need to understand that I'm only PRETENDING to know all about football, but I do know that Brazil is the mackdaddy.
Spain scored first, and it didn't take France long to tie it up. They took their second goal in a very graceful set of passes, culminating in an impressive shot. That was with about twenty minutes left, and Spain had a few chances, one very close one as a matter of fact, to tie it up. But with about three minutes left to play, the Frenchies added insult to injury by sealing their victory with a goal that put them two up with mere seconds left. It made me sad. I will admit they played well.

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