Catching Up

It seems that I never post over the weekend because that’s my time off from the computer, I guess. So, here’s the updates (formalities, really. The interesting details may come later in the day):

Friday- took a day off from service to go play golf an hour and some change away from home. It torrentially rained twice while we were there and the entire way home. My uncle was in our foursome (it was a scramble, a best ball thing, and that’s the only reason I went. It takes the pressure off) and it was really good to see him. We played all but two holes and drove home so I could make GSAM (or rather POAM: part of a movie), and H’n’B and Kimmi Stewart did bring me my Thai tea, or my “this tastes like sticks,” drink, but H’n’B can’t decide what kind of sticks. The movie was Young Frankenstein, and it’s sad to say H’n’B did not appreciate it. Everyone else did (I think) and Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle and Gene Hackman were as good as ever.

Saturday- Regular: bookstudy, service (‘twas hot)(I spoke to a Hindi-speaking person), played Tennis with I Dunno, and we did better than I thought. We were actually playing at a congregation get-together for a couple that’s moving to not-so-South-Georgia (shout out to H’n’B) and I’ll see them more regularly because OthaBrotha lives down there and I’ll visit his congregation, too. So I played tennis at a going away party.

Saturday evening- a very nice get-together for I Dunno finishing his school career as he knows it. Lots of our favorite people were there, and I ate far too much food: spinach bread, awesome pizza, little mozzarella-and-cherry tomato bites, and phenomenal desserts. I’m already hungry. All in all, I Dunno got some great things, and it was made known that everyone is proud of him for all that he has done and is doing.

Sunday- the usual, and Grandpa called Saturday to ask me and I Dunno to move a treadmill from his driveway into his house. Told him we could do it Sunday afternoon. Scratched lupper plans to go and everything. Called him on the way there from the meeting; turns out he took it apart and brought it in in pieces. So I missed lupper. Turns out my bad headache was developing into a miserable one, and I was losing any functional vision. Forget lupper, I’m going home. That also meant that the open house for Spanish class was out, and I spent the day at home watching something about the Loch Ness monster. I only felt better when I slept, and that was only in increments of about fifteen minutes apiece about half an hour apart. Yeah. Got feeling better and all was well.

Back it up! to Thursday afternoon: was driving myself crazy not having anything to do at work and having far too much to do outside the office. Got a lot of it done, and went to Circuit City to buy what I had long gone without: an mp3 player. My Rio Karma was stolen last May in a Publix parking lot, and I nearly went into cardiac arrest. Also stolen were my eyeglasses (in a gunmetal Oakley case) and the radio transmitter I used to play my mp3 player thru the radio. NOT stolen was a few hundred dollars worth of tennis equipment and many hundreds of dollars of CDs all sitting in the passenger seat, untouched, not to mention the car itself. So I went and got myself a new mp3 player, and it is delicious. I don’t have time to now, but I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one in an upcoming post (most likely tonight), so be ready for it. I’m thrilled with it so far, but I’ve got a road trip (of sorts) later this month, and have thirty days to return it (no strings attached) or to go ahead and buy the 2-year warranty plan diggy bob incase ANYTHING goes wrong with it, so basically I have it on loan right now. I’ll ‘splain later.


Affable Olive said...

I'm quite offended that we weren't notified of I dunno's celebratory dinner! That sucks eggs. We would have brought good gifts too! Just to notify you, click on my name and see what it says at the bottom of my profile.

forgotten kimmi said...

I am with Affable Ollive on this one. Don't feel bad Aff, we can throw our own party for Idunno and we won't invite "certain" people.

Affable Olive said...

Alright Kimmi. And we'll have better food too, and my mom will cook a cake that those "certain" people can't have any of, since she's offended too. Her cakes are out of this world.