Not too long ago (just down the page, in fact), The Polyglot related his personal journey through old writings. Poly was able to look at these scribblings in their context. I believe there's much to learn from evaluating what you wrote about as a young person. You get a sense of who you were then compared with who you are now. You clarify the path your life has traveled. You can say, "I am at point N now because I turned left at point C, completely missing points D, E & F. Ah, but point J! That was a nice little spot, glad I saw that."

So, I dug through some of my early writings. I too, remember each piece as a literary masterpiece. Alas, I was overestimating my talents just a smidge. I found a piece from the 8th grade that I would now like to transcribe for you here. Please keep in mind that even though I was in 8th grade, I was actually the age of a 7th grader.

Dear Sally*,

Yo chick! Sup? I saw you under loggia this morning as you was getting off yer bus. But I did not say aything to you cuz the bell had already rang and I had to get to homeroom. Ugh. Homeroom was B O R I N G! First period stunk to. I fergot to do my homework. I going to do it but 21 Jump Street came on and you know I can't RESIST that fineness! Did you see them? They were all fine last night. And, like, fine, fine, fine. Oh fine - yeah, I saw Mr. Gorgeous in hall on the way to lunch. Wow. I wonder if he going to New Edition concert. Did your mom say you will go? No way my mom is gonna let me go. Im dying to go!!!!! Guess I'll will just go skating that night. It is a Friday, right? And maybe Mr. Gorgeous won't be at the concert and he will be skating and I will get to see him while you get to see New Edition. That would be cool. Wow. This is a long note. Gotta go before I get caught writing it. See you after school. Write back. BFF. Wanna spend the night on Friday?


* Names changed for privacy.

So that's point A. I guess I've only made it to point B or C.


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Mehsha said...

And I know allergic.

Mehsha said...

Crap I forgot to put the 'your' in that last sentence, sorry!

Book Reader said...

Oh my!! You took me to a really scary place, I thought that I had sufficiently blocked out middle school but with just a few paragraphs you brought it all rushing back to me. I do believe the BFF was my favorite part of all. And we thought we were sooo cool!! Boy have we learned alot along the way.

Affable Olive said...

Oh man that was some glorious laughing. That was a long note though?