Pianos, languages, and Vacation

I don’t have anything pressing to say today, but for all intents and purposes, when do I ever? ALWAYS, if you pay attention.
Things of interest I have recently learned:
1) Persian, by no small technicality, is not a Semitic language. Now, it’s obvious that it’s spoken in the Middle East and uses a variation of the Arabic script (a Semitic language) for its alphabet, but is part of the Indo-European branch of languages, which is a HUGE branch of languages that comprises most of the languages spoken in Europe and the Western world. More specifically, it is Indo-Iranian, or Indo-Aryan, and therefore shares a relationship with more of the languages of India.
2) I really really really really really enjoy running. Really.
3) The “Apple,” headphones I got from Ebay weren’t. They’re crappy as anything, were shipped from HONG KONG, and there’s only two pair in the package. There are some very definite characteristics that the “wannabe” Apple headphones don’t have, and if you’re interested in donating your pair because you don’t like them, let me ask you some questions before you do.
4) There’s a tropical storm heading towards what will be my home for the next week-ish. If you watched The Kids’ Show last night (no, that’s not the name) you’d understand why it’d be nice to have a very smart but socially developing high schooler around right now. Some predictions say it turns north before it hits the aforementioned beloved abode, some say it’s heading for it like bees to honey. Yippee…
5) Bösendorfer pianos are the coolest in the world. I looked up other piano manufacturers (or whatever) like Fazioli, Bechstein, Steinway (obviously) and Kimball (who owned Bösendorfer for a while), as well as Baldwin (who I didn’t know makes as nice a piano as they do), and Bösendorfer is by far the king. They’ve got a great story and have been doing it for a long time. Their limited edition and artist series pianos are out of this world. So I like to pretend I have a half a million dollars (and the room enough) to buy a few concert grands like they’re used books. Whatever. Also worth mentioning that I laugh at myself for having opinions of pianos that cost six figures (with my Wurlitzer in the living room[hooty hooty!]) and admitting that I couldn't play well enough (yet) to justify even sitting down at any of the above.
Happy now?


Affable Olive said...

You did better than I did. At least you said something of note. I basically said nothing, although I found something to blog about...but I don't feel like doing it.

My letters look like they could have been NOFX at one time, but they shifted.

Affable Olive said...

The winds have shifted and the rain will now end instead of 11:46 PM at 9:32 PM because the storm will be 41 miles away now.

My letters look like "Bono," but not. I see lots of things other people don't...it's the meds I swear.