Read Thai Signs!

1. สถานี - useful noun
2. เมือง - city, land, town. This word is used in signs and such on the highway to indicate that you're heading into or out of town, but it apparently is also colloquially used to refer to a town, area, or even nation. Dunno.
Also, www.learnthaionline.com is a great resource for practice and materials. I especially like their Read Thai Signs portion. They've compiled and categorized signs and things in Thai, and progressively reveal what they say. First they will show the Thai as written on a computer (as the sign or script is sometimes stylized or handwritten; a good way to practice identifying all the characters this way), then the phonetics, and finally the English meaning. Great practice for those that can already read a bit of Thai, and enormously helpful with identifying and learning useful vocabulary, since it comes from everyday situations. Both of today's vocabulary words come from the Read Thai Signs exercise. Really great.

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