Thai words

So yeah, I'm not going to be including the romanization for the words I don't think. Go check it out on Thai Language yourself. Great site. -

Words for today:
1. Question- คำถาม -
2. Sleep นอน - one of those I thought I needed to look up, only to look it up and remember
having looked it up before.
Others of interest along with this entry are:
ห้องนอน- bedroom , ห้อง-room นอน- sleep.
Bathroom is constructed the same way, but with the word for 'water'.
ง่วงนอนไหม - "are you sleepy?"

Thanks again to Thai Language for all their great material. I feel rather like I'm plagiarizing, but it's a dictionary, no? No worries. I'll put a link up in the sidebar for future reference. Those are my words.

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