I haven’t blogged in a while (aka a few days) and I feel it’s about time to fill you in on the nothing that I’m doing.

I made a list a while ago on Amazon.com of a bunch of recommended CDs that are things that were either recommended to me, or were listed on the “if you liked…” type of thing, so I checked out some of my favorite albums and tried to see who was suggested to me, and then looked at the “if you liked…” for them, so I have a huge list of people to check out. The list is very long, and right now I’m listening to Patrick Park’s album Loneliness Knows My Name. It’s really good, and to me he sounds l like a cross between Bread and Bob Dylan… I think. I’ve recently gotten a few Best Buy gift cards, and since they’re not for a whole bunch, I’m going to treat myself to a new CD, since anything I buy makes me feel guilty for not saving the money for my Big Trip coming up next year. So I have reason to buy something, and I’m going to make it worthwhile.

Besides that, there’s not a whole lot going on. I went to my cousin’s graduation party this past weekend, and it reminds me that there’s nothing like family. I have a great one. We had a blast, from playing soccer indoors (with a volleyball) among light fixtures, windows, and an old piano (which I was not fretting about. It looked super cool, but was at LEAST a hundred years old and had not been kept up); we drove home through the nothingland and had the windows down with two of my favorite cousins listening to one of the best CDs I own, and it was all mellow and nice. We came home and put said CD while about fifteen of my family, aunts, uncles cousins, watched graduated cousin open his presents and count his loot. We all ate tons of barbecue sandwiches, complete with jalapenos, yellow mustard, onions, coleslaw, and washed it all down with gallons of Welch’s grape soda. There were, like I said, about fifteen of us, and we barely put a dent in what we had. It was grand. We all crashed around 2 am. We hung out at the pool the next day, and then on the way home enjoyed listening to the Walk the Line soundtrack, aforementioned best CD, and John Mayer, and we all sang all the way home, except when one cousin slept for a while. It was very enjoyable.

Now I’m listening to Will Hoge’s Blackbird on a Lonely Wire, and this may be the one I’m buying, but his voice isn’t entirely unique, and neither is his sound, but I like it. We’ll see.

Nothing else to say right now, except that I’m looking forward to watching Walk the Line Friday, as it is a delightful motion picture.

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Jules said...

you lost me at Bread!