Here I am again

So I find myself at The Compy... what happens next?

The weather today... Nope, haven't sunk that low YET.

In my ill health I have been doing a lot of reading, and I read on Wednesday, in its entirety, Thorton Wilder's The Bridge of San Luis Rey, and I would never say it to his face, but I am thoroughly disappointed with Wilder's book. I really enjoyed his play Our Town, but this just wasn't the same. Oh well, but I've finished that, and have moved on to E.M. Forster's A Passage to India, and we'll see how that goes. I like it so far, but it's somewhat removed from the other writing styles I've been involved in lately. I've been enjoying more of the style of James Joyce's Dubliners, which is very minimalist and stuff. It's beautiful writing, and I'm also trying to imitate it in some of my latest writing. I've actually got a storyline worked out that I'm going to try to do a la Dubliners. (Is that how you use a la? To mean "in the style of"? I think so.)

That brings me to my next thing. Every week (hopefully [and depending on the success of my most recent guinea pig reader of my story]) I'll be posting some of my writing, either in whole (if short enough) or in part. We'll see if that goes well, and it'll probably be on Mondays, or Wednesdays if Horse'n'Buggy's HumpDayPhoto would come to fruition. Anyway, maybe I'll start tomorrow with something if I can find something appropriate.

I get ready to leave for GoodSoup now. I love fridays...
(Does the fact that every single (all two) post has ended with me having a meal tell you anything about my hobbies???)


Horse N. Buggy said...

Hopefully it tells me that we'll be getting three square posts a day.

I want to read your writing. I would love to write, but I can't come up with a plot or characters. If I have those things already established, I think I can write something at least enjoyable if not of critical note.

You should check out NaNoWriMo.org. The only problem is that during that project you can't write something you've already been working on. But who's gonna know?

I want to do parody, like Weird Al. I find myself inexplicably drawn to the "black" versions of classic storys - for example, "The Wiz" and "The Wind Done Gone." I can't write from that particular perspective, but I'd love to tell a classic story with members of our family cast in the roles. (I could never do it, because it would end up being very biting satire.)

So instead, I blog.

The Polyglot said...

Well, I've done NaNoWriMo, and I have the book. It's great stuff. I enjoy muchly. Great for anyone who needs a good swift kick in their writer's block. I'll be posting some stuff up here sooner or later.