I have conceded

Good morning.... first, I will admit that I have fallen against the peer pressure that IS the blog. I enjoy reading another one, and in my moment of half-asleep, semi-narcotic recovering from the joy that is Tylenol PM, i have created a blog.

There are no commitments here with future posts.

I have been sick the past week, and the symptoms were at least kind enough to divide themselves into days:

Monday: body aches, soreness, and the delightful make-yourself-feel-thirty-years-older-because-you-crack-when-you-move-ness.

Tuesday: day off

Wednesday: worst sore throat in receorded history, out of control mucus production, and a nearly gone nose (Even WITH the lotiony tissues)

Thursday: Sinus headache and slight cough

Hope I'm out of the woods for Friday, cuz I got a lot of catching up to do. Also, I need to brush up on my Russian, because this is Russian weekend, and I gotta be dressed to impress... not really, but I've not been keeping up with it ever since I found out I'm going to China and Japan, and that has diverted my attentions elsewhere.

But now, I must break fast... (not to be confused with "quickly")

A shout out to Horse'n'Buggy, because I may never post again...


Horse N. Buggy said...

You're SOOOO posting more and often. Come on, with such a pretentious quote in the header of this blog, you HAVE to keep it up. (I read that quote twice and I'm not still not sure I get it. I AM your father's sister, after all.)

We need to do a podcast together.

I like the black color - very manly.

Horse N. Buggy said...

More. I need another post. Now. Now. Now!

Jules said...

seriously, you say your Irish and then you say your never going to post again? Is that part of your Irish charm to leave us wanting more?

Because I want more. and I want it now!

formerly bottom level said...

hey Glot!! I sure do love your blogs, more! more! more!

Horse N. Buggy said...

Can't you update this thing from your cell phone? I'm going to try that from mine...right now!

The Polyglot said...

Listen, I just posted another one, and that'll have to do for at least the next hour. I have a feeling this is going to border more on the side of rambling about completely inane things and become a drudgery before i run out of htings to write about.