Why am I still working???

I am sitting in my office, at my computer checking voicemails. Why, you may ask? It is because I have no life, and the few things that people rely on me for consume me. That is why. I have been on the phone with Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania within the past half hour, pretending I don’t mind working when I’d rather be watching an infomercial for “Oxyclean,” or something. Anyway…

I started writing some new things yesterday that are going to be worked in along with something else of mine that you’ll eventually read, that I’m rather proud of, and that someone has a copy of and is hopefully reading by now. Anyway, they’re things I’ve had the ideas about for a while now, but just haven’t started them. Yes they’re depressing, yes they’re disheartening, and even maybe a little morbid, but they’re also real-life. Yes they are. So I’ve decided on a couple of ways to write them and have them be as I want them without people thinking I’m depressed or loathing. Because they’re also not things I MADE UP, but are actual, true life stories (not first hand, but related to me from someone who knew the first hand account personally) and I found them powerful in some way or another.

I’ve had enough of the computer for now. Goodybe. I bid you all adieu.


Horse N. Buggy said...

Who is this SOMEone? I should be your SOMEone! Do you like Kimi Stewart better than me? SUREly, it means something that I'm your aunt (but don't call me Shirley)?

By the way, I wanted to let you know that you can let other people know about your blog. You don't have to limit it to my readers. If I get spillover from your friends, I'm OK with that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like that anonymous option because I don't have a nickname and don't want to use my real one, and you knew who I am with my first word. I'm going to compile all of my thoughts into one comment (is there a spell check option for this?).
The Williams disappoint me after George, and you'll just come back with George is finished and the Williams are still in first draft stage. Don't knock me for this, but you don't do "happy," if that's what you're gonna call it. I may copy+paste it into word so that I can print+read it because I don't do well reading at the computer (mostly due to someone over my shoulder making me hurry). It's (the Williams) just not...you, and it's not intresting although you did follow style with the beginning with Mr. Williams. Put Mark Bender up here. That suits you, even in it's half-way muddled state. Still not seeing the point of a blog though, but I guess that doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I didn't finish. You work because you're going to China and Japan and because of your father, and you have a life, it just doesn't fit the definition of all that pop culture television that you watch.

Horse N. Buggy said...

Uh, speaking of "happy"...anonymous' comment ain't that happy.

I have an idea of who this anonymous is, but I'll refrain from outting her.

Anyway, half the fun of a blog is that there is no point, but people are riveted anyway. If it weren't riddled with expletives, I'd point you over to a pretty funny blog that was only maintained for about a week. Like you, this woman thought blogs were stupid and made fun of her two blogging friends. She lost a bet to them and her payment was to create a blog and maintain it every day for two weeks. She didn't exactly hold up her end of the bargain, but her entires were absolutely hi-larious when she did post.

But as I said, your dad would kill me if I pointed you to that blog.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" has the black death as well and did something that I shouldn't have on Wednesday. Thus I'm not in a happy mood, but according to the polyglot, I'm not a cheery person. How do I make a comment "happy" anyways? I didn't say that blogs were stupid, I just said I don't understand them...yet, although your explanation defines the purpose in the best way I've ever had anyone explain it to me. My father doesn't even know what the internet is so point away.

Horse N. Buggy said...

Sorry you were feeling poorly. And while your father may not know about teh Internets, your aunt certainly does. This is not a site I would point my own nephews to (even though it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be).

I will admit that you have to read a blog for a little while before you become addicted to it. I guess I made the assumption that as a young person, you were already familiar with the concept of blogging, but just didn't like it. Give it a little time and you may or may not like it. Feel free to click over to mine even though it is much more banal than The Polyglot's.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a really good laugh right now, horse n. buggy. I realized that I have an account that I've never done anything with and don't know what to do with it. A former school friend who is an avid writer got me to set one up just for the purpose that the Polyglot has set his up for.
But you were mistaken in the department that I knew what a blog was. The concept is unfamiliar in the fact that I wouldn't do what most people do with theirs. Maybe it'll grow on me. Lots of things do...eventually.