A six pack o' Buds

I just thought it’d be worth letting you all know about my purchase. I bought new headphones. My old ones blew. (How do you BLOW an earbud headphone?)
For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been all into running lately; well, not entirely lately, because I only ran once this week. I usually run thrice, at around three and a half or four miles each time. I missed Monday and Wednesday because my knees really hurt, but got down there today (the treadmill) and did it. I have a playlist I run to, and will explain that later, as in not in this post. I had my shoes on, had stretched, turned on my MP3 player only to realize my right earbud was blown. So thus for the next forty-five minutes I enjoyed some seriously driving and loud music with ticks in lieu of thumps on my right side. It was okay. I was disappointed though, because I really like Apple’s headphones: I acquired a pair a while ago and they’ve got good sound quality (as far as I’m concerned) for their size, they’re small enough that I can listen to them while lying on them, and not have them feel like they’re boring into my head, and they’re cool looking. The sleeping on them and not boring into my head part is especially nice.
Anyway, I CANNOT continue listening to the sound of a ticking pen while I’m trying to enjoy Jack Johnson, Tori Amos, or Led Zeppelin (or even Air Supply), so I had the bright idea (after getting those proverbial “creative juices” flowing) that I would Ebay them.
Long story short: THREE pairs (one white, two black [thus matching my MP3 player]) of APPLE headphones, all for almost exactly sixteen bucks. The headphones (all of them) cost only $2.26 ($2.25 for the two black pair, and $0.01 for the white pair). Shipping was the killer, but I figure any good pair of headphones would cost that, and Apple sells those things alone for twice that or something.
Also, they’re new; all of them; still wrapped; comes with the foamy jackets; that way I won’t be getting foreign ear juices in mine while enjoying Rod Stewart, The Format, or Howard Shore.
Done. Done.


Horse N. Buggy said...

It cracks me up how much you like the Apple earbuds. Every review I read of the iPod says that the first thing you should do is throw away those earbuds. I think the sound quality is OK, but they fall out of my ears too easily. Of course, that's partly because I no longer have the little felt cover thingies. But those fell off in my purse and after a while you either can't find them or can't get them to stay on for nothing.

I want to get some different ones, but can't decide what kind and certainly don't want to pay real money for them.

The Polyglot said...

They don't sound as tinny as the other earbuds I've had before and I've never had a problem with them in my ear, even without the sockies, which I'm not particularly fond of. The bald ones work just fine for me