This is short, and a formality. More later.

So I have really nothing to blog about except that I’m doing really well with my running on a continual basis. It works best for my schedule if I run on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at least, and then intermittently whenever else I can. I’ve been doing about four miles each time in just about forty minutes, give or take. So I’m pretty happy with that, and I have a playlist that I run to each time to keep me going. It’s rather nice. Along with trying not to eat everything in sight and snack every minute I’m breathing, I’m feeling better. I’ve stopped drinking cokes and stuff, and am trying to stick only to water (and Gatorade, which I’m almost convinced is superior, except for things like washing your hair or clothes).
How many almost-but-not-quite-American Idol shows can there be?
America’s Got Talent
Master of Champions
So You Think You Can Dance
That’s only three, I know, but they all JUST debuted. How many performance competitions can somebody really care about? I think America DOESN’T Got Talent, and that’s why they’re fascinated with those that “have talent,” if you’d like to call it that. NBC is on right now, and I can’t find the remote and won’t be walking to the television, so it’s muted right now. Icky; I really like Regis Philbin, but it’s just too bad he’s stooped to new levels. I have not much more to say at this moment, and will continue later.
I had a nice Russian conversation today; I have also gained two new linguistic adventurers: a Russian and a Chinese.
I also discovered Flash Card Exchange from a link on a Wikibooks site and started building some Turkish flashcards because that’s what I had on hand. Check it out. It asks you if you will be adding images to the flashcard, so you can use Chinese characters and stuff as well. You can print, study, file, etc. and it’s really cool.
But alas, Mythbusters is on, and I don’t know if it’s a new episode, or at least one I haven’t seen yet. I bid you adieu.
Before I do that, I’d like to remind you to remind me to tell you about the coolest Coolest COOLEST woman I met today at the hall. Remind me.


Can you tell me my name?!?! said...

So are you still going to call to talk about Russian??

Affable Olive said...

Mesha is your name, so shut up. I've got piano in 30 min.

The Polyglot said...

I suggest you BE NICE to your linguistically gifted little sister. She’s on my team with the Slavicness. None of this East Asian stuff.

Horse N. Buggy said...

Don't forget the "eh" in Mehsha or else it looks like Meesha, as in Mesha Barton instead of Mehsha, our little Yiddish girl.

The Polyglot said...

THe REAL version is Mischa or Миша