Sundry Obscurities

Well, it seems that I’m the only one of our Blogger triumvirate that has decided to break the non-blog streak.
The reason I haven’t been blogging is because I like to shy away from minor but severely irritating problems that do not demand immediate attention. Like the fact that we set up my new notebook computer as a network machine so I could work off of it, and then all my personal settings were thoroughly lost, after having spent days transferring everything to the notebook from my old desktop. I couldn’t get online or check my email, and I’m still trying to find the correct .pst file to run my Outlook account from so that I can have all my settings the way they should be. My music library is still in a bit of a tizzy even after talking to Suzanne (names have been changed) from Wal-Mart’s music download department. She was incredibly helpful and restored all of my licenses since my compy was being too dorky to do it itself.
I’ve also had issues with the newbie compy recognizing ANY device from a USB port. My mouse and keyboard, etc work fine, but the digital camera and MP3 player are immediately recognized as being connected, but instantly “hibernate,” or something on the computer side so that no device can be found. Strange. So that’s what else I’m working on, which means my podcasting is on the fritz until I get that all worked out.
I was at Horse’n’Buggy’s to watch both of the games on Sunday, and was disappointed to see England lose, although the game was a good one. Happy with the results of France’s upset over Brazil.
Too bad Rooney had to come out, though, because that could have been the losing moment for them. I’m not so sure, but even if it wasn’t they STILL could have won if it weren’t for Callagher’s overexcited PK before the whistle. That ruined their chances. It was the last nail in the coffin for the ol’ Brits.
Thrilled with the way Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry played to pull it off against the always-favored Brazilians. Enough about soccer, but only after I say that I Dunno and I played last night for quite some time and a good time was had by all. Also that he and I will be making it to H’n’B’s for the Germany/Italy game on Tuesday since I have off work, and that the title Bend It Like Beckham maybe didn’t have anything to do with how ANYONE plays soccer.
Family has been in town, but only until tomorrow. More family (other side) came in last night, and they will be coming and going for probably the next eight weeks or so. Affie and her sister came for GSAM (special Saturday edition) and stayed with H’n’B now that Xoomie is exactly that. ‘Twas a small group, but a good time was had by all.
Nothing else of consequence, except that tomorrow before the Semifinals match I’ll be going to see some of My Favorite People in the World for lunch. Yay me. And again: Yay me.


Affable Olive said...

The futbol games were on Saturday...incase you want to change that. I was thinking about posting, but changed my mind now that I saw you did. Still tired from driving and I stayed up last night working with the settings on Jammies' old phone.

Affable Olive said...

I didn't know you did podcasts. That's something that I understand...better than MP3 players.

Affable Olive said...

Don't forget you are supposed to fill me in on Kyle XY before next Monday...